Pressure Management

Power Chokes can provide control and monitoring panels equipped with HPU and PLC options. We design and manufacture custom control consoles to cover your ranging operational requirements. These are easy to maintain and serve as a cost-effective solution. Standard hydraulic control panels and programmable logic controller (PLC)/human machine interface (HMI) based control panels are available and can be designed to meet your exact needs.
Power Chokes has more than just drilling production chokes, as we also have teams to assist with oilfield operations. With our control consoles, you will no longer need to spend money on expensive closing units. These control consoles allow well control management from one location, ultimately ensuring a safer operation. Our products also exceed API standards.


  • Custom control consoles for choke operation
  • Hydraulic and digital instrumentation packages designed to meet your needs
  • Tailored control consoles for choke operation and other choke-related equipment
  • Data logging and remote access capabilities

Our services comply with all necessary international certification standards.

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