Cost-effective & Custom Solutions for Supreme Efficiency

If you are facing kick losses, differential sticking, or formation damage, it’s time to turn to Power Chokes. Performing highly in all environments, Power Chokes is up for all of the challenges that well pressure control, MPD and UBD drilling present.

Many face issues with controlling downhole pressure every day. Power Chokes has a solution for this. We have crafted a cost-effective, multi-tiered solution based on MPD and UBD approaches while simultaneously delivering on our promise for expert service.

Power Chokes products include the automatic back pressure system, Power Chokes, PRV support, well control, and more. ADS Services LLC ABP systems have been relied on around the globe, allowing our customers to reduce or correct their well issues such as stuck pipes or lost circulation. Through modular design, ADS Services LLC provides tailored packages to reduce footprint and costs.

We offer a variety of MPD solutions:

  • Oil Back Pressure Drilling
  • Back Pressure Systems
  • Automatic Back Pressure Regulators
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